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40 Years of
Quality Steel Manufacturing

Nahanni Industries was founded in 1968 to produce commercial fishing boats in welded aluminum construction. To diversify, the company soon began to produce aluminum dump boxes, rigged to new and existing commercial trucks. With the rapid growth in British Columbia, the dump truck industry soon became the company’s primary business focus, and it branched into lightweight, and more durable, steel construction.

Nahanni is an “Original Equipment Manufacturer” providing leading edge solutions to the transportation industry. The dump trucking industry continues to be the core business, and Nahanni has become a leading brand by developing and producing the most durable products available. Nahanni now provides a wide range of steel dump boxes and an increasing variety of dump trailer products.

Today, Nahanni applies its skilled manufacturing team to a further diversified set of products and services including other products for the transportation industry as well as steel storage products. Nahanni also makes its modern facilities for metal processing and fabrication available on a contract basis.

Steel fabrication technologies have come a long way in the past 5 decades. Using best practices of the global market place, our engineering and production staff prides itself in bringing high quality products to you, our customer.

Lighter, Stronger, Lasts Longer are the goals for all of our products with Quality being the underlying value in everything we produce.

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