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Nahanni Custom Steel Dump Boxes
Western Light, Light Steel & U Body

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Nahanni Dump Box Bodies are renowned in the industry for their quality and longevity.

Our most popular model, the Western Light Dump Box, is an all-purpose box serving carriers of a wide variety of materials from gravel and rock to asphalt and soil.

For Heavier Duty, choose our Light Steel Dump Box style featuring cross-membered floors.

Our U-Body Dump Box is ideal when you need a box that is lighter than the Western, offering the strength and quality of a Nahanni product with a lower net weight.

We custom build Nahanni boxes to meet your needs. Call one of our expert representatives and have us build to YOUR specifications.

Your Dump Box can be rigged directly to your truck in our factory.

Contact Nahanni at 604 533-4841 or Contact Us.

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