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Tandem Light Steel Dump Box


Length at Floor - 16' 6"
Width Inside - 7' 3"
Width Outside - 8' 0"
Height nominal at sides- 2' 8"
Height at Bulkhead - 4' 6"
Height at Tail gate - 40"
Nominal Capacity - 12/16 yds.

Floor - ¼" HARDOX 450 ® Steel with Beveled Corners
Sub-floor - 3" Channel Cross Members on 14" Centres
Sub-floor - 2"x10" Fir
Long Sills - 8" Channel
Sides - One Piece Horizontal Formed - 10 ga. High Tensile Steel
High Sloping Sides - 10 ga. High Tensile Steel
Tailgate - 10 ga. High Tensile Steel
Side Board Pockets c/w 2"x10" Fir Side boards
Bulkhead Shovel holder
Heavy Duty Tailgate Latches
Outside A frame hoist mount

Hoist - 25 Ton Commercial S64-156, 4 Stage A Frame Mount
Pump - Parker/Muncie hydraulic pump direct Coupled to P.T.O.
P.T.O. - Heavy Duty, Double Gear, Air Shift for Standard Transmission
Oil Tank - 30 Gallon, Round , Frame Mounted

Buyers - Console Mount with Stainless Steel Cables
Automatic Hoist Cutout
Double Acting Air Tailgate Cylinder

Mounted on a Suitable Chassis
LED Clearance and Tail Lights
Wiring in Conduit with Shrink Tube Connections
"Nahanni" Mud Flaps ahead and behind Rear Drivers
Heavy Duty Greaseable Rear Hinge with 2" Machine Fit Pins
Safety Body Prop and Cable

Sandblasted, Primed and Painted Metallic Silver
with Polyurethane Plastic Paint

Virtually all Nahanni Products are custom built to order.
Specifications may vary. Please contact our sales department to
custom build to YOUR requirements!

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