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4 Axle Transfer Dump Trailer


Length at floor - 17’ 6”
Width inside - 6’ 0”
Nominal capacity - 16/20 yards
Height at Bulkhead - 6’
Width outside 82”

Box: Floor - 1/4” HARDOX 450 ®
Sides - One piece, formed 4mm HARDOX 450 ®
Tailgate- 4mm HARDOX 450 ®
Long sills- 8”
Steel Channel Bulkhead - 4mm HARDOX 450 ®
Sideboard Pockets with 2” x 10” Fir Sideboards
c/w formed Steel Covers,
Front and Back Spill Sheilds
Double Walking Beam,
Cast Steel Transfer Wheels
c/w Remote Grease Whips
Trailer: Heavy duty WR78 Transfer Chain
Chassis Frame- T-1 steel Fabricated I Beam,
3/4” x 2 ” Transfer Track 34” Wide
Tandem Axle Dolley 43” Ball Bearing
Remote Greaseable Turntable
3/16” Aluminum Fenders,
2 Tow Hooks at Rear of Trailer
A22 5/8” Wall Axles 77” Track
c/w Haldex Auto Slacks,
Alum Hubs,
Duralite Drums,
Q plus Mid grade Brakes
Tandem Tandem Hendrickson Ht230
Air Ride Suspension c/w Air Gauge
Steel 24.5 x 8.25 Pilot Bud Wheels
c/w 11R24.5” Goodyear 287 Tires
Low profile Air Lift square
Tube Reach Assembly
c/w Jack Stand & Cone Holder
Air Tarp System c/w Mesh Tarp

Heco Gear Driven
Charlynn Hi Output Motor
c/w 6 Tooth Sprocket

Haldex ABS and Sealco Valving

Air Tailgate Trip
LED Clearance and Tail lights
c/w Closed Back Rubber Grommets
Wiring in Conduit with Shrink Wrap Connections
Extra Grounds: Reach to Dolley &
Reach Eye to Reach Tube
Backup Lights Mid Ship of Trailer
each side of Chain
1 Facing Forward & 1 Facing Rear
Auxiliary Hazard Flasher System
Rear Backup Lights & Beeper
Nahanni Mud Flaps Front and Rear
Spring loaded Stainless flap holder On Front Dolley
Grip Tape on Walk Areas

Box : Sandblasted, Primed Painted Metallic Silver
with Endura Polyurethane Plastic Paint.
Chasis Frame :Sandblasted, Primed Painted Black Endura Polyurethane Plastic Paint.

Trailer Box Weight 2340Kg
Trailer Chasis Weight 6400Kg With Alum Wheels,
Alum Hubs, Dura light Drums

Virtually all Nahanni Products are custom built to order.
Specifications may vary. Please contact our sales department to
custom build to YOUR requirements!

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